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IADYS has presented the Jellyfishbot EXPERT at ChangeNOW Paris

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IADYS attends the change now show

IADYS has presented the Jellyfishbot EXPERT at ChangeNOW Paris

IADYS, innovative start-up developing artificial intelligence and robotic products in service of the environment, located on the Mediterranean coast near Marseille, has attended for the first time this week the ChangeNow Exhibition. Guest of KPMG company, the startup had the opportunity to present the Jellyfishbot robot to the participants of the largest event of solutions for the planet.

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Change Now Exhibition

Founded in 2017, ChangeNOW is a positive impact organization whose mission is to accelerate the ecological and social transition by deploying concrete actions that respond to the major emergencies of our century.

ChangeNOW brings together a large community of change-makers, made up of thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, businesses, policymakers, NGOs, opinion leaders, media, talent, artists and citizens from all over the world. Each year they organize the largest event of solutions for the planet, bringing together innovators, investors, thought leaders, and policymakers in an inspiring and action-oriented format. They identify promising solutions for the planet and connect them to the resources they need to scale. KPMG has a main partner of the 2024 edition has selected IADYS and its Jellyfishbot to exhibit in the Accelerate area of the show.

The Jellyfishbot range

IADYS designs, develops and delivers the Jellyfishbot: a small robot that collects waste and oil on the surface of water bodies. Autonomous, robust and easy to use, the Jellyfishbot is a versatile solution for all types of profiles: industrial and petrochemical sites, anti-pollution, ports, waterways, marinas, yachting, shipyards & commercial, river ports, canals, lakes, leisure and sports structures, hotels, campgrounds, golf courses, universities, scientists … Genuine “Swiss Army Knife”, it’s enable to clean the hard-to-reach areas, in total safety, autonomously or remotely operated. Equipped with sensors, it can also can measure water quality (temperature, salinity, turbidity, cyanobacteria and phytoplankton concentrations) and perform bathymetric surveys up to 20m deep.

Nicolas Carlesi CEO of IADYS at Change Now
Jellyfishbot Expert IADYS products

The Jellyfishbot Expert

To meet the specific pollution control needs of the industrial and anti-pollution ( oil ) sectors, IADYS has redesigned its product ranges and launched a brand new range, the Expert range. The Jellyfishbot Expertand Jellyfishbot Expert + stand out from the pleasure-boat range by the general reinforcement of the robot’s components to make them more robust and solid, proof against the damage of use in industrial environments. The remote control has also been improved, and is now hardened and waterproof.

The Mobile Oil Skimmer (MOS)

The Mobile Oil Skimmer is a unique system designed not only for clean-up companies, but also for government anti-pollution services (military, fire department, etc.) and industrial sites. Comprising a Jellyfishbot Expert, a skimmer and a storage platform, this system enables oil to be collected without the use of consumables (reducing operating costs), and to intervene in narrow, shallow-draft areas, along riverbanks for example. In addition to its great mobility, its main asset is its autonomy: it has no connection to the ground.

The user pilots it remotely, in complete safety, without being exposed to pollution, and positions it directly where the oil has spilled. The tank has a 120 L / 32-gal storage capacity and is filled with a skimming flow rate of 15 L / 4 gal per minute. The draining takes less than 5 min without having to get out of the water.

MOS IADYS products