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Based in the South of France, in Roquefort-la Bédoule, IADYS' crew is made up of 18 very talented members with one mission: the robotic and the IA for preserving the water.

Our mission

At IADYS, we are convinced that robotics and artificial intelligence can help protect and preserve our environment.
It’s a collective effort and we are all committed day-to-day to contribute in our own way to the changes that need to take place to protect the Earth for the generations to come.

Hear our values

Innovate - Clean-up - Preserve

Nicolas Carlési
CEO & Founder of IADYS

The Jellyfishbot and our portfolio of services aim to serve marina’s operators, actors of the depollution, industrials, leisure & sports structures and researchers seeking for solutions for the maintenance and the preservation of the water areas.
In medium term, IADYS will broaden its markets offering its autonomy software & hardware bricks to other markets with significant recurrent and hazardous tasks. Once fully deployed, the ISmind technology will not only revolutionise A.I. and robotic by removing any level of risk to workers and wildlife, but it will also reduce the burden of work and the recurring tasks, their costs, the labor and time required, while increasing the effectiveness of operations.

Our crew

IADYS it's a highly qualified team of experts in all the areas of the company: robotics, electronics, mechatronics, anti-pollution, sales & marketing.
Located in Roquefort-la Bédoule in the South of France near Marseille, the head office of IADYS gathers the different departments: R&D, Production, Sales and Marketing & Communication.

Cyril Castello

Sales Director & Associate

Ronald Loschmann, PhD

CTO & Associate

Lotfi Jaïem, PhD

Mecatronics engineer

Silvain Louis, PhD

Electronics & industrial computing engineer

Emilio Roth

Head of product integration & deployments

Alireza Asvadi, PhD

Robotic vision engineer

Imene Bhouri

Web development engineer

Nino Nicolas

R&D engineer (student)

Yann Navuec

Mecatronics technician & anti-pollution expert

Louis Wernet

Electronics technician

Ludovic Gimond

Assembly worker

Soo-Yee Chauvet

Sales Area Manager
APAC - Europe

Damien Boursiquot

Sales Area Manager
Americas – Middle East - UK

Frédéric Stoll

Sales Area Manager
France - Europe - Africa

Amandine Dousseron

Admin & sales assistant

Pauline Thévenot

Marketing & communication manager

Xavier Pellenq

Content manager (student)

Discover our story

The adventure starts

Creation of IADYS

Nicolas Carlési founds IADYS in La Ferme de Napollon (business incubator)

September 15th, 2016

Aubagne, France

The Jellyfishbot on the road

1st Jellyfishbot sold in France

Cassis harbor buys the 1st Jellyfishbot robot

June, 2018

Cassis, France

IADYS becomes bigger

IADYS team moves in Roquefort-la Bédoule

To welcome the team made of 7 people, IADYS sets up in new offices with a space dedicated to the production of the Jellyfishbots

February, 2019

Roquefort-la Bédoule, France

Worldwide Jellyfishbot

1st Jellyfishbot sold abroad

AYS becomes the 1st distributor of the Jellyfishbot abroad and buys 3 robots for the Singaporean market

December, 2019


Labels & certification

Cleantech Open France & Solar Impulse

The Jellyfishbot is labelled Solar Impulse and IADYS is certified by Cleantech Open France

November, 2020



Autonomous mode

The Jellyfishbot is now autonomous and can avoid static obstacles thanks to a LiDAR

January, 2021

Roquefort-la Bédoule, France


1st fundraising

IADYS raises 1.5 M€ to accelerate the development of the company abroad

June, 2021

Roquefort-la Bédoule

IADYS Monitoring Station (IMS)


The Jellyfishbot performs bathymetric surveys and the data collected are gathered by a web platform, IADYS Monitoring Station (IMS), and transformed in seabed maps

September, 2022

Roquefort-la Bédoule, France

Mobile Oil Skimmer (MOS)

Anti-pollution solution

IADYS launches the world's first Mobile Oil Skimmer

April, 2023

Roquefort-la Bédoule, France

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