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Hummingbird Treasure Hunt x IADYS

Press Release

 IADYS launches the Hummingbird Treasure Hunt, immediately adopted by the Port of Cassis

IADYS, innovative start-up developing artificial intelligence and robotic products in service of the environment, located on the Mediterranean coast between Marseille & Cassis, has announced the launch of its first outdoor game, « The Hummingbird Treasure Hunt » aimed at ports and local authorities.

Invitation to a playful stroll

This treasure hunt, designed by the IADYS team, invites you to wander around a port, marina, aquatic center or city center.

Designed in 5 stages, it takes the form of an itinerary marked by aluminum plaques placed in 5 different locations. Each panel tells an anecdote to raise visitors’ and participants’ awareness of coastal and environmental protection. And to encourage young visitors to go and meet the other plaques, each one also includes a riddle to be answered on a sheet of paper (available to visitors at the town hall, tourist office, reception point, harbour master’s office, etc.). Once the 5 riddles have been answered, visitors are encouraged to protect and preserve an essential element of the environment.

« We’re delighted to have installed the Hummingbird Treasure Hunt in the area around the Cassis port facilities. As our harbor is certified « Clean Harbors », we feel it is essential to continue to raise awareness among both users and visitors (even the youngest), of the need to preserve the marine environment and keep the harbor clean. We’ve been using the IADYS Jellyfishbot for the past 5 years, and this game is in line with our approach. It’s fun, suitable for everyone, and offers a fun tour of our facilities. »

Pascal Seillier, Director of the Cassis Departmental Port

A long-lasting partnership

Cassis harbor (Bouches-du-Rhône, France) is a long-standing partner of IADYS. It was the first port to equip itself with the Jellyfishbot in 2018, it plays a full part in the development of IADYS innovations, notably by giving free access to the port to IADYS teams for their in situ tests.
And it’s no surprise that the Cassis Harbour Master’s Office has once again agreed to be the first to be equipped with the Hummingbird Treasure Hunt. Installed in the spring of 2023, the 5 plaques will enable visitors to discover the port in a whole new way. Leaflets can be collected directly from the Harbour Master’s Office or the Tourist Office. With the installation of the trail game on its territory, the Capitainerie is further strengthening its commitment to a clean, sustainable and responsible port.

Support for local initiatives

With over 100 Jellyfishbots deployed around the world, IADYS mobilizes all its energy to preserve, innovate and clean up every day.

The Hummingbird Treasure Hunt is a natural extension of this commitment, taking it one step further to raise public awareness of environmental protection issues.

A Jellyfishbot has been available to associations since July 2022 to collect waste on the water.

Clean My Calanques has used it several times since. And Wings of the Ocean and 1 Déchet par Jour have already shown their interest. A waste frieze is also included in the company’s product catalog as an awareness-raising tool, along with workshops on environmental issues and coastal preservation.