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IADYS Monitoring Station

Discover the web platofrm IADYS Monitoring Station to analyse the data collected by the robots.

IADYS Monitoring Station (IMS)

IADYS Monitoring Station is a web platform designed by IADYS that allows the users of IADYS systems (Jellyfishbot & MOS) to visualise the data they have collected and to generate maps (for bathymetry, temperature, salinity, concentration of cyanobacteria…).
Available only by subscription.

Bathymetric survey and data measurement

The data collected by the Jellyfishbot are send to IADYS Monitoring Station. Once logged on the web platform you can visualise the data and generate maps.


JellyfishApp is the App designed by IADYS for operating the systems (Jellyfishbot and MOS).
From the screen you can monitor the robots (calibrations, GPS connection…), create a mission and send it to the robot (collect or data measurement with the autonomous mode). You can measure datas (temperature, salinity, depth, distance between the robot and obstacles…), and have access to the surface and underwater camera views.

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