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The products designed by IADYS are powerful communication tools to raise the awareness on the environment preservation


The Jellyfishbot is a great tool to raise awareness for children, tourists and citizens. Its color catches the eye, its use is so intuitive and playful that no special knowledge or training is required to use it. It is adapted to all type of public.

The Hummingbird Hunt by IADYS

This treasure hunt, devised by the IADYS teams, offers a fun way to explore a port, a marina, an aquatic centre or a town centre.
Designed in 5 stages, it takes the form of an itinerary marked out by aluminium plaques placed in 5 different locations. Each panel tells an anecdote to raise awareness among visitors and participants about protecting the coastline and the environment. And to encourage young visitors to go and look at the other plaques, each one also contains a riddle, the answer to which can be written on a sheet of paper (available to visitors at the town hall, tourist office, reception point, harbour master’s office, etc.). Once the 5 riddles have been answered, visitors are encouraged to protect and preserve an essential element of the environment.

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