The Jellyfishbot is now offering bathymetric surveys

The Jellyfishbot is now offering the bathymetry function
Cassis, France bathymetric map generated by IADYS Monitoring Station with the data collected by the Jellyfishbot.

The Jellyfishbot can now conduct bathymetric surveys during its missions.

In real time, the remote control of the robot (open and smart) allows the operator to know and monitor the depth of the water. This functionality is made possible by the integration of a probe on the robot, which emits an acoustic wave (a sound) that propagates through the water. It is the echo and the time taken for the sound to travel from surface to depth and back that allows the robot to determine the depth.

The R&D team has developed the IADYS Monitoring Station, a web platform for the extensive exploitation of this collected data, which makes possible to generate a precise map of the depth of the water body. There you can draw up navigation maps, decide on the development of the coastline, the quantity of sediment to be removed or identify bulky waste on the bottom of the water (scooters, cadis, bins, etc.).

Discover the new teaser of the Bathymetric surveys function!

Jellyfishbot – Teaser Bathymetric Surveys Function

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