The Jellyfishbot approved by UGAP !

In February 2020, the Jellyfishbot, small robot that collects floating waste and oil spills developped and delivered by IADYS has been approved by UGAP !

The Union of Public Purchasing Groups added the Jellyfishbot on the central public purchasing office listing (section: Waste Management). Basically, it means that purchasing the robot will be easier for regional and local authorities, so that this marine decontamination solution can be used more broadly.

In this context, IADYS was assessed by Early Metrics, rating agency specialising in startups and UGAP partner. The criterias are the top management team expertise, the market and the product. IADYS received a score of 73/100 for a global average at 69/100. IADYS is thus ranked at the Top 34% of the Cleantech industry.

This collaboration with UGAP will pave the way to new opportunities.

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