Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in service of marine decontamination

IADYS is an innovative company created in September 2016 by Nicolas Carlési. Located in Roquefort-la-Bédoule in the south of France, IADYS designs, develops and delivers Artificial Intelligence & Robotic innovations.

The Sea-neT project, which is IADYS first range of products, is dedicated to the marine ecology with a set of hardware and software solutions (marine vehicles, onboard intelligence systems).. The project’s first solution is completely modular composed of small robots capable of collecting floating waste and oil on the water surface: the Jellyfishbot.

This bot is an efficient and flexible solution to water decontamination of more or less widespread and sheltered areas: ports, marinas, lakes, canals but also leisure centers, hotel residences and industrial facillities.

A first remote-controlled version  is available since 2018 in France and now at an international level. Several cities are already using this product: Cassis, Cannes, Marseille, Monaco, Saint-Tropez, Montpellier, Ajaccio, La Turballe, Dunkirk, Marine Natural Park in Mayotte, Neuchâtel (Switzerland), Singapore, Tokyo (Japan), Norway, and so on.

The Jellyfishbot has been successful cleaning several accidental oil pollutions, it is also regularly used on different industrial sites.