France 3 TV Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes – Annecy International Cleantech fair: discovering tomorrow’s inventions

June 21st, 2019

The International Clean tech trade show is being held in Annecy, Haute-Savoie, from June 19th to 22nd to promote the development of a greener economy. There is no shortage of ideas.

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TF1 8pm news broadcast – Technology to take plastic by storm

May 18th, 2019

Rebroadcast from LCI network

There is an urgent need to change our consumption and our plastic recycling system. Inventions designed for this purpose were presented at Vivatech fair in Paris.

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April 29th, 2019

Interview with Denis Horeau, General Manager of International Cleantech Week. – Green Reflex, Monday, April 29, 2019, with Erwan Morice in After Business, on BFM Business.

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France Bleu Gard Lozère – The innovation at the Port Camargue fair : the Jellyfishbot

April 20th, 2019 – Palexpo turns into the kingdom of inventions

april 10th, 2019

The Invention exhibition will be held during 5 days in Geneva. It is the opportunity to discover the craziness of brains.

From the handy innovation, to the brilliant idea, all were meeting at the Palexpo Hall 7 in Geneva, which hosts the 47th edition of the International Inventions Exhibition until Sunday. More than 800 exhibitors will be present.

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aPril 10th, 2019

The International Invention exhibtion opened its doors this morning at Palexpo. In the mood of time, solutions for the environment in dedicated space.

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December 14th, 2018

The sea Wall-E

The Jellyfishbot is a robot/mini-boat equipped with a net that collects waste and even hydrocarbons on waterbody surface. Its creator, Nicolas Carlési, insists on its size: “We have designed it extremely small because we want the Jellyfishbot to go in hard-to-reach areas, between boats or against the docks, because that’s where the majority of waste are found, driven by the current and the wind. With its two batteries that give it 6 to 8 hours of autonomy, it is remotely controlled … for the moment! Since IADYS, the company that markets it, is preparing a fully autonomous version with an obstacle detector to be released by the end of 2019. 

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October 10th, 2018

Bottles and cigarette butts are visible macro-waste in marinas. They must be quickly removed to prevent them from ending up at sea. Thanks to the Jellyfishbot, it has become an easy and simple task.

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Azur TV – The Canto port of Cannes equipped with a cleaning robot

July 3rd, 2018

No more marine waste! The port Canto, in Cannes, is testing throughout the summer the Jellyfishbot, a cleaning robot that collects the macro-waste and filters the hydrocarbons.

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France 3 – The Jellyfishbot, an electric robot cleans the port of Cannes

3rd July, 2018

The Jellyfishbot, an electric robot, has been cleaning the port Canto in Cannes for a week. It is remotely controlled, environmentally friendly and can sneak everywhere. It collects the waste that floats on the surface of the water. A robot that costs 10,000 euros, before buying it, the municipality wants to test it all summer.

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CNews – A robot to clean the ports

5th June, 2018

A french entrepreneur has just launched a teleoperated robot, the Jellyfishbot. Its mission: clean the ports.

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Var-Matin – This innovative robot hunts waste in ports

03rd June 2018

This innovative robot is hunting waste in ports.

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Madeinmarseille – A robotic jellyfish to clean the old port

6th February, 2018

The Jellyfishbot is a small robot capable of sneaking between the boats to clean the floating waste of the ports. Designed in Aubagne, it should soon be used by the marinas of the region, including the old Port of Marseille.

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Canal + – Jellyfish robots to fight pollution

19th January 2018

The robot entitled Jellyfishbot, is a floating vacuum cleaner designed to absorb rubbish. These three inventors hope to seduce the ports of the French Riviera with their project.

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BFM TV – They invent a robot to clean the ports

18th January, 2018

The Medusa robot was tested this Thursday in Cassis to pick up the rubbish present in the water of the harbor. The vehicle drags behind it a net that can hold up to eighty litres of waste.

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