IADYS was founded in Aubagne in September 2016. The company offers innovative solutions in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics, serving the environment and people.

It designs, develops and manufactures technologies that aim to provide decision-making autonomy to robots and a capacity to cooperate with each other. These technologies considered as the latest advances in artificial intelligence are an IADYS exclusive and are based on the research carried out by one of the founders of the company.

The company IADYS develops these technologies through a first R&D project, called Sea-NeT. This project is dedicated to marine ecology offering efficient, flexible and inexpensive solutions for depolluting aquatic areas, especially for narrow zones (coastlines, ports, rivers, canals…).

Sea-NeT’s first product is  a marine surface robot called “Jellyfishbot”. This robot is able to collect floating macro-waste and hydrocarbons present on the surface of the water.